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Why I hate Harry Potter
  1. The movies! Those movies! There are eight of them, and they have NOTHING to do with the books. Aren't the movies supposed to be related to the books? I'd rather read those books than watch those movies!
  2. Long chapters. Not only the books are long, but the chapters are like 30 pages! I can't possibly read any of those books.
  3. The stuff that happens in the books. Mostly talking, looooooooooooooong descriptions of stuff, wand-waving, who has the brains for that? Probably AL or BZ. AL looooooooooooooves Harry Potter. With BZ, it's uncertain. I can think of all the people in my class who can read Harry Potter books all the way through. AL, BZ, RG, LD, YF. I admit it. YF looooooooooooooves HP. YF looooooooooooooooves HP and CC at the same time. What kind of girl is she? Ο Χάρι Πότερ και το Ρολόι πανηγυρίζουν οι εχθροί!  Ίσως θα έπρεπε να γράψω το υπόλοιπο του άρθρου στα Ελληνικά!
  4. The books are translated into αραβικά. That language is scary. I can give you a few reasons why that language is scary. Sure, it's also translated into ελληνικά, but I don't think I can read that book in any language.
  5. HP is the enemy of CC! Didn't I tell you that earlier? Oh, I told you in Greek. Well, I don't want to sacrifice clock-cheering for some boring book which was also translated into you-know-the-language. One second in the morning is AWESOME!
  6. JKR was inspired by JRRT's works, so she used difficult vocabulary to write HP. And, JRRT's works are not good either.
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