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The Really Big Tree: Chapter 1
The Really Big Tree
Chapter 1

Imagine the biggest tree you have ever seen, or will see in your life. That is nowhere close to the magnificent size of the Really Big Tree.
The illirian tree towers into the sky at a height of a thousand kilometers, and its roots expand into hundreds of kilometers of earth deep, and covering up two percent of the planet. Its diameter at the base is about 400 kilometers. The Really Big Tree is still growing at an exponential rate—in a single day, it might grow several meters taller, and grow a several hundred meters in roots. Every year it grows one or two kilometers in diameter. Quadrillions of humans, squirrels, birds, beavers, and rabbits reside in this humongous tree, composed of approximately 1.3×1015 (1,300,000,000,000,000) rooms, much too high to count exactly. The top of the Really Big Tree consists of farmland on the tips millions of ten-to-hundred-meter-thick branches, along with the land on the lower branches and the fruit that the tree gives and the treeless land around it.
Two thousand years ago, there was no Really Big Tree, but instead a forest of trees like it, only of average size.
A rabbit wizard was going to cast a magic spell when he did it wrong, saying "setir" instead of "shetir," which caused a curse on one of the trees. As soon as the lightning struck one of the illirian trees, it went  insane and ate the nearby trees.
The larger, but still hungry, insane illirian tree gobbled up more trees, farther away, with its evil roots. "It is a true disaster," said one of the rabbits.
Many have attempted to slay the Really Big Tree, but they either got eaten or it was too big. One human, Alirth, managed to chop down the illirian tree, but instead of dying, it stood back up and started growing exponentially.
The residents of the woods found no choice but to reside in the Really Big Tree, and one by one they filed in and enjoyed the shelter there, and they allowed it to consume their old homes.
Unlike the others, the wolves elected not to live in the Really Big Tree and still decide not to for some reason. Perhaps this is about all the other trees disappearing, or all the squirrels and rabbits mysteriously fading away. Well, they're going to take down the Really Big Tree.
The Really Big Tree
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